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  • What To Mix With Spiced Rum: The Best Spiced Rum Combos And Cocktails

    Rum…you can drink it neat, on the rocks, mix it with coke or enjoy it in a cocktail. There's a reason why drinking rum is so popular. Rum is a fantastic and versatile base for a wide range of extremely popular cocktails so read on to learn how to make some of the most delicious spiced rum combos.
  • Introducing Cunning Clouds

    Get ready to be blown away by the latest addition to the SLY DOG family - Cunning Clouds in Spiced Ice flavour with 0% nicotine and 0% alcohol. Our new vape flavour combines the rich, warm spices of SLY DOG Spiced Rum with a cool and refreshing icy finish, giving you a unique and unforgettable vaping experience.  Starting from April 1st, Cunning Clouds will now be available at all irresponsible retailers. We've been working hard creating a flavour to truly capture the essence of SLY DOG Spiced Rum and we can't wait for you to try it yourself.  But here's...

  • How Long Does Rum Last?

    Ever find an old bottle of booze lying around and wonder if it's still safe to drink? Not sure how long rum can be stored or whether it goes bad over time? Read on to find out more.
  • Rum 101: All The Types Of Rum You Need To Know

    After you've had a gander through these 12 core rum types, we reckon you'll have a deeper appreciation for this criminally underrated spirit.
  • How Is Spiced Rum Made?

    If you've tried the SLY DOGs' black bottle of rum, you may have noticed some notes of tropical spices that make up our super secret recipe. That's because you are tasting spiced rum, one of the many types of rum that rule the market these days. So, what exactly is spiced rum, and how is it made? 
  • 5 Good Reasons To Drink Rum This Winter

    The smooth, subtly sweet, spiced flavours of SLY DOG offer an unbeatable taste experience at any time of year, but hey, did you know that there are some specific benefits to drinking rum in the Winter?