Fun & Inventive Ways To Enjoy Spiced Rum At Home This Summer

The season of heavy rains and gloomy days is officially over, so let’s celebrate the good times by getting creative together! What could be better than a nice bonding experience with some delicious, award-winning spiced rum this summer?

How is spiced rum going to make your summer even more enjoyable you wonder? We've come up with many ways in which your beloved fiery drink can enrich your weekend activities (and no, we’re not just talking about drinks). Keep reading to find out more!

Throw a rum tasting party

What drink can be better associated with summer than a classic oak barrel spiced rum? Just hearing the word “rum” makes you think of sandy beaches, dips in the sea and refreshing summer cocktails. So, why not throw a summer-themed rum party to recreate that feeling?

Start the evening by setting up a blind neat rum tasting and complete the night with some rum cocktails to highlight this drink’s greatness and versatility.

Start with classic Pina Coladas, Mai Tai of Mojito cocktails and build your way up to our unique signature cocktails designed specifically for like-minded SLY DOGs like you.

A few ideas to inspire your cocktail menu:

The ultimate summer drink is a good old iced tea: it’s simple, refreshing and so easy to personalise according to your taste or mood! But have you ever heard of Spiced-Iced? Just imagine the combination of soothing cold Assam black tea with a perfectly integrated sweet and fiery kick. Garnish it with fresh mint and nothing will quench your thirst quite like it!

Another great and easy-to-execute option includes adding a fizzy touch to your rum drink: just simply mix some ice, ginger beer and the best Caribbean spiced rum you have in a tall glass and you are good to go! And if you’re a true admirer of top-quality ingredients, check out our nifty set consisting of rum and artisanal mixers, all neatly packed in one handy package. It's also great if you're looking to test spiced rum without committing to a whole bottle.

For Espresso Martini fans, how about trying a twist on the classic with some spiced rum instead of vodka? The sweetness of this spirit will enhance the flavours of coffee and give an unexpected touch to your beloved cocktail.

When thinking about summer, people often imagine tropical fruit and beaches. When it comes to the ultimate summer snack, it's got to be watermelon. Why not turn this juicy snack, an irresistible Watermelon Daiquiri? All you need is flavoured rum, some lime juice and fresh watermelon or watermelon syrup. This cocktail is perfect in any setting, but is even better if enjoyed poolside! 

How about an Old-Fashioned? Make yours with spiced rum, giving a unique twist to the classic and let the drink open up its flavour complexity as you sip it. Garnish with a twist of orange peel to really wow your guests.

Finally, we all know that British weather can be quite unpredictable. So, in case of a gloomy day, a perfect pick-me-up drink is a hot buttered rum, AKA Hot Toddy. For honey lovers - its sweet spiciness with the warming cinnamon will help you forget about all your troubles. 

Double down on the rum: rum and food pairings

What party is complete without the appetisers? With some imagination and creativity, surprise your guests with thought-through rum and food pairings. Just imagine a nice Notoriously Fashioned cocktail paired with some smoky pork chops marinated in sticky rum BBQ sauce. Mmm.

Inventive ways to incorporate rum into your cooking

Let’s get the facts straight: all sorts of rum can be used in the kitchen: dark rum is great for adding depth of flavour, especially when cooking robust meat-forward dishes. White rum’s delicate nature can elevate almost any seafood course, but the most versatile of them all is definitely spiced rum! Its irresistible enveloping aromas of sweet and tropical spices can be used for practically anything. Here are just a few creative ideas to inspire your culinary adventures:

Rum-infused recipes for the kitchen

Great chefs aren’t afraid to use alcohol in the kitchen, and thanks to rum’s broad flavour spectrum, it could be an ideal addition to practically any recipe. You can use all kinds of spiced rums to create a wide array of dishes: from rum-based salad dressings, BBQ- sauces and fish courses to numerous baked goods and even soups.

That’s right, rum can act as a key ingredient in something so mouthwatering as a cream of sweet potato and ginger soup that calls for just 30 ml of our rich and award-winning spiced rum. This little trick is a game-changer, as it blends seamlessly with spicy oriental flavours derived from ginger and adds complexity to the sweet potatoes, nicely tying everything together.  

Rum desserts anyone?

Of course, there is no limit to the imagination when it comes to rum as an ingredient in baking. Arguably the most famous desert with the key component in the name is Baba au Rhum. But have you ever tried making something more unconventional like a rum tiramisu, boozy banana bread or coconut rum balls? Traditionally made with Marsala, the spiced rum tiramisu version is simply out of this word! The combination of coffee, cream, cacao powder and spices will leave even the toughest critics in awe.

Let’s be honest though, not everyone would be able to finish a big portion of a rich and creamy dessert in hot weather, so if you’re after a light and refreshing treat for adults, then search no more. Rum-infused ice cream is the ultimate choice for the summer. It can be enjoyed by itself, used as a base for a Banana Foster or even mixed with a shot of espresso for an affogato with a twist.

If you don’t typically have a sweet tooth but sometimes crave mildly sugary snacks, try substituting barrel-aged spiced rum with golden rum instead. Its smooth and balanced mouthfeel will add just the right amount of flavour and texture. 

Cheers to a SLY DOG Summer

However you choose to incorporate this drink in your cooking, the best thing about rum is that you can sample it while you go, enhancing not only the meal but also your mood. Discover our full list of SLY-tasty cocktail recipes using the best spiced rums to inspire your summer adventures - cheers to a SLY DOG summer!

Want to learn about rum production and what goes into our ex-bourbon barrels to create the best spiced rum? Check out our blogs!


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