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  • Things to do this Christmas: 2023

    The festive season is rolling in and so are the events, so we have compiled a handy list of SLY DOG approved events and ideas to make the most of the merry season: 1) Use your favourite SLY DOG rum to create an indulgent, boozy treat. From BBC Good Food, this rum and raisin millionaire's chocolate pots are a luxurious treat. You simply need to soak your raisins in our rum to make a pudding perfect for the season. If chocolate puddings aren't your thing, then our rum old fashioned may satisfy that sweet craving being both naughty and spiced!  2) If you're lucky...

  • Let's Get Stoned 🍑 A Unique Twist on Tradition

    At SLY DOG, we take great pride in the creativity and heritage behind crafting exceptional rum, but we get excited pushing the boundaries of tradition with innovative flair. We are delighted to introduce our latest creation, SLY DOG Stoned Fruit Rum. Crafted from the same 3-year aged golden rum that earned us the title of 'World's Best' in our Spiced Rum category, this blend is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality and our passion for delivering a rum that will captivate your senses. Join us as we take you on a journey through the world of Stoned Fruit. What...

  • Unleashing the Perfect Gift of Spiced Rum

    Looking for the perfect gift? Great for anyone looking for something a little bit different and a change from socks. The versatility of SLY DOG is sure to delight any recipient.
  • What's The Best Spiced Rum In The UK?

    If you are on a quest to find the best premium spiced rum out there, search no more! SLY DOG multi-award-winning spiced rums is the answer to all your prayers, and we’ve got receipts to prove that!
  • Fun & Inventive Ways To Enjoy Spiced Rum At Home This Summer

    The season of heavy rains and gloomy days is officially over, so let’s celebrate the good times by getting creative together! What could be better than a nice bonding experience with some delicious, award-winning spiced rum this summer?
  • Best Spiced Rum Gifts For Rum Lovers

    Spread the joy that is spiced rum! Whether you’re looking for inspo to surprise your mates or feel like experimenting with your drinks, keep reading to discover our range of SLY-tastically unusual spiced rum gift sets.