Best Spiced Rum Gifts For Rum Lovers

You’re probably familiar with the gorgeousness of the SLY DOG rum, but can you say the same about your friends and family? Don’t keep this treasure a secret - spread the joy that is spiced rum! Whether you’re looking for inspo to surprise your mates or feel like experimenting with your drinks, keep reading to discover our range of SLY-tastically unusual spiced rum gift sets.

For the true discoverers

Gift sets are a fantastic solution for those who want to discover something new without breaking the bank. For only £22.00 you can taste not only one of the best spiced rums in the UK but also try an assortment of artisanal mixers, carefully curated by a small production of drink connoisseurs.

It’s a perfect combo: you support small businesses and get the treatment you know you deserve with cleverly designed products consisting of top-quality ingredients - something that the big fish of this business often overlook for the sake of quantity! Don’t believe us? We dare you to see for yourself with the 20cl Sly Dog gift set that consists of our flavoured rum of course, but also artisan fiery ginger beer and barrel aged cola. Trust us, these are the mindblowing flavours that you won’t find just anywhere! 

With this unusual rum gift, you kill two birds with one stone, having not one, but two cocktail choices for the evening. 

A little tip from us to you, when mixing the best Caribbean spiced rum with coke, break an orange peel and gently rub it against the rim of your glass. You’ll see, such a neat but simple touch will instantly elevate your drink to the next level. For more inspo, check out our list of original cocktails here and unleash your inner mixologist. 

For the considerate ones - SLY DOG spiced rum with gift box

In case you need to leave a good impression on an important person or want to thank a special someone with a meaningful gift, we’ve got just the thing for you - the full size 70cl sleek black bottle of our oak barrel spiced rum that comes inside a sturdy state-of-the-art gift box. This combo screams sophistication and thoughtfulness, proving that you pay attention to every little detail. As a handy bonus, the firm structure of the box makes it so easy to gift wrap or even travel with, ensuring the safety of your considerate rum gift.

For the cheeky ones - miniature rum gift set

We’ve created the spiced Rum miniatures gift set that consists of tiny 5cl rum bottles that can easily be enjoyed on the go or used for a quick spicy pick-me-up. Don’t be fooled though; they may look cute and harmless, but these babies are full of bite and flavour! Since each bottle contains a shot equivalent of fiery goodness, the minis can easily be sipped neat, which is a great solution for the newbies to test spiced rum before converting them into flavoured rum fanatics.

These bottles are so compact and handy, that you can stash them in your pockets, or, better yet, hide them inside the kangaroo pouch of the SLY DOG hoodie, and sneak into all kinds of places to take your flavour experience to the next level - be it an upgraded cinema beverage or an extra energy-inducing morning coffee. The choices are only limited by your imagination. But shh, just keep it on the down-low, as you didn’t get this idea from us. 

For the indecisive ones - SLY DOG gift card

Are you a perfectionist that can’t decide what to gift someone? Or do you often forget to buy a present? We’ve all been there and know the struggle and headache of trying to impress someone you don’t know that well yet. Luckily, we have a solution for that. You can't go wrong with a SLY DOG gift card. It’s neat, classy and saves you the trouble of guessing which present would a specific person enjoy the most. 

Plus, getting one is so quick and easy. All you have to do is simply splurge on any amount between £20-£100 and let your fellow SLY Dogs choose their treat from our fantastic selection of products: be it the irresistibly rich premium spiced rum, one of our rum gift sets or the fashionable merch. The choice is all theirs.

For the SLYest ones - SLY DOG merch

If you and your pals follow the motto ‘enjoy life to the fullest’, why not go all-in? Convert your friends into full-blown icons with our stylish merch. Crafted from sustainable materials, we think not only about our pack but also about the environment. 

You can choose an original gift from an assortment of goodies. We’ve got lots of great unisex stuff that would fit anyone, as our designs prioritise comfort and quality with sizes ranging from S to XL. Pick anything from the classic T-shirt (we’ve actually just launched a new design that you simply need to check out), a stylish hoodie or a cheeky beanie that will add an edgy touch to any outfit, while keeping them warm in the cooler times. So, what are you waiting for? Help your friends join the pack of like-minded SLY dogs in full gear.

For the simple ones

Lastly, If you’re just a simple creature and none of the ideas above pleased your picky character, all we’ve got left to offer is the classics. After all, who needs fancy packaging or unusual gift sets, when you know full well that all your pal would really care about is the marvellous fiery liquid hidden inside that sleek black bottle?

Whatever you choose to surprise your loved ones, we know for a fact that any of our creations will only bring you all closer!

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