• Sly-SHINE

    A SLY take on the classic Milk Punch. Fresh and zesty with a tender sweet touch, this cunningly crafted cocktail is worth the effort. This recipe serves one but it works better scaled up.
  • Notoriously fashioned

    Sweet, smooth and silky. We’ve refashioned the old fashioned with this sly twist on the classic. It will bring out a sly side that you will wish you’d met before.
  • Sly-jito

    The Cuban Classic - elevated using Sly Dog Rum to add a sweet twist with real bite
  • The Sly Dog's Bollocks

    A SLY twist on the classic Mulata Daiquiri, this cunningly crafted cocktail brings together citrusy and chocolaty notes in perfect howling harmony.
  • Sly and Ginger beer

    Simple yet SLY
  • SLY DOG's Autumnal Sun

    DrinksandDan has curated a naughty little cocktail to be enjoyed during the autumn months.