A SLY take on the classic Milk Punch. Fresh and zesty with a tender sweet touch, this cunningly crafted cocktail is worth the effort. This recipe serves one but it works better scaled up.


35ml SLY DOG Spiced Rum

1 Whole Lime

20ml Almond Milk

1 Dash Vanilla Bitters


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1. Mix in one shaker the rum, the juice, husks of the lime and vanilla bitters

2. In a second shaker, pour the milk

3. Gradually add the contents of shaker 1, to shaker 2 (this should start the curdling process)

4. Leave to infuse for a minimum of 2hrs

5. Pass the curdled mix through a coffee filter lined funnel and into a bottle

NB: the initial few millilitres may be cloudy, but simply re-filter

6. Bottle

7. To make the drink, decant 65ml of the clarified batch into a stirring vessel and 10-15ml of sugar syrup (sweetened to desired taste). Add cubed ice and stir well to dilute and chill. Gently strain over a clear block of ice, in a rocks glass and garnish with a lime zest and flower

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