Tramlines: Over and Out!

The dust has finally settled on an incredible weekend in Sheffield as the Official Partner of Tramlines Festival and you don't want to miss this stunning offer this weekend!
We turned a piece of grass into one hell of a party - would expect anything less from us? 

We welcomed the SLY DOGs of Sheffield through our SLY DOG Corner Shop to help them discover that there is #SomethingBetterAroundTheCorner!

  • 12,000 drinks sold across the festival including over 3,000 cocktails served from our SLY DOG Bar
  • 10,000+ people walked through our corner shop
  • 300 of our famous bucket hats thrown to the crowd 
  • 6 of our incredible DJ's drew in the wildest crowd
  • 1 incredible weekend


Much love from some (still) bleary-eyed SLY DOGs xoxo 


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